About FUTGEN 3000 TM

FUTGEN 3000 TM is a unique, highly advanced and secure, online system accessible worldwide via www.futgen3000.com

FUTGEN 3000 TM  is a standalone system and is powered by its own technology.

FUTGEN 3000 TM is owned by ADSC Limited, located in the Republic of Ireland, Company Registration Number 408454.

Registered Copyright


Registration 001: FUTGEN 3000 TM software inclusive of source code. 

Registration number: TXu001795915

Registered with the United States Copyright Office.

Registration 002: Significant platform update

Registration number:TXu-1-880--878

Registered with the Unites States Copyright Office.

Registered Trademarks

European Union

Registered Trademark: FUTGEN 3000

Registration Number 010513356

Registered with The Trade Marks and Design Registration Office of The European Union.